Galletta Strawberry Plants

Galletta Strawberry Plants

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An all-around great berry, Galletta is excellent for farms stands and home gardens alike.   

Developed at the North Carolina State University primarily for commercial plasticulture, Galletta strawberry plants are a hand pollinated cross of NCH 87-22 (unmarketed) and Earliglow over a period of 10 years, the result was a Large early-season strawberry with bright red berries and dark green foliage.  Distinctly aromatic fruit.  These plants are quite vigorous and runner well.  A very good early-yielding strawberry option!  Especially adaptive throughout the southeast.  

• Early season: ripens about 4 days after AC Wendy
• Large fruit size
• Good flavor
• Firm berries
• Good freezing quality
• Good runner production
• Resistant to Red Stele, tolerant of Leaf Spot
• June-bearing 
• 1-year strawberry plants
• Shipped bare-root


 *Patented varieties cannot be propagated without permission. Royalty fees are included in their price.