Monterey Strawberry Plants

Monterey Strawberry Plants

Sold Out for 2019.

Monterey is an excellent day-neutral (everbearing) cultivar with a sweet, attractive berry that was developed in California and adapts well to the Eastern U.S.   

Flowering, fruiting, fruit, and production characteristics are similar to Albion, but with higher yields and larger fruit.  In the Watsonville 2005-07 trials, Monterey’s average total yield exceeded that of Albion by 35%, when grown in ideal and arid conditions.  

Monterey has a good disease resistance profile, although Monterey prefers a well-drained soil and does not thrive in standing water or water-logged conditions (is not ideal for hydroponic purposes) as it is susceptible to powdery mildew.  

A good choice for nurseries or small gardens alike, raised-bed applications, high-tunnel greenhouses and hanging baskets.   

Nice size, color, and outstanding flavor make this a great summer and fall berry.  

• Day-Neutral: ripens July to Frost
• Very large fruit size
• Good fruit flavor
• Firm
• Good freezing quality
• Good runner production
• Tolerant of Leaf Spot, Susceptible to Powdery Mildew

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