Honeoye Strawberry Plants

Honeoye Strawberry Plants


Honeoye is a classic and dependable strawberry plant (more than 30 years!).  A highly adaptable variety, this strawberry plant is grown in every state in the US, but does especially well in the north and can over-winter to zone 3. 

The fruit is very large, dark, and flavorful.  Not as sweet as Earliglow, but with a distinct and robust strawberry flavor that many prefer.  Freezes well.  

The plant is vigorous and high-yielding, with basic care.  

Honeoye prefers a well-drained soil that is rich in all the basic nutrients, with a pH of 6–6.5.  Honeoye strawberry plants have a shallow root system that can benefit from mulch (straw, pine needles, or plastic).  

• Early Mid-Season: ripens about 3 days after AC Wendy
• Very large fruit size
• Fair-Good flavor
• Firm berries
• Excellent freezing quality
• Very good runner production
• Resistant to Powdery Mildew
• Perennial in zones 3-8
• June-bearing 
• 1-year strawberry plants
• Shipped bare-root