Cabot Strawberry Plants
Cabot Strawberry Plants

Cabot Strawberry Plants

SOLD OUT for 2019 

We recommend Honeoye or Jewel as a substitute.



Cabot strawberries are huge and have excellent flavor.  This mid-late-season Junebearing strawberry plant does not waste much energy on runners (leaving more plant vigor for berry size and production).  

Fruit has a conical shape, and is medium-firm.  The biggest berry on the block!

Developed in Nova Scotia, this plant is winter-hardy and adaptive throughout zones 4 to 8.  

• Late Mid-Season: ripens about 7 days after AC Wendy
• Huge fruit size
• Excellent flavor
• Moderately firm berry
• Good freezing quality
• Poor runner production
• Resistant to Red Stele and Powdery Mildew, tolerant of Leaf Spot
• Perennial in zones 4-8
• Self-pollinating 


 *Patented varieties cannot be propagated without permission. Royalty fees are included in their price