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Hello again,

As we prepare for the 2018 season, we first wish to say thank you for your past patronage.  If you are new to our nursery, we welcome you.

Because this past year in southwest Michigan was very dry we had our center pivots running daily.  This, plus the cooler than average summer temperatures, have helped us make some beautiful beds of healthy strawberry and asparagus plants.

We were blown away by the demand for the Archer variety, out of Cornell University, last year.  With it's exceptional flavor and ability to hold its size through the 2-3 weeks of its production, we expect to see this variety become a staple on many farms.

Herriot, another Cornell University release, is back in stock in our nursery.  Supplies are limited, but it is priced the same as our other patented varieties.  We have found Herriot to rebound after renovation much better than Jewel.  If this has been an issue on your farm, I would recommend trialing this variety.  Quantities will be limited to 100 plants per customer for the season.

Once again, we hope to see you at the Great Lakes Expo in Grand Rapids, MI.  The Expo runs December 5-7 and you'll find us in our normal spot in booth 445.  The whole family will be there again this year to make sure I'm at the booth on time. If you have a chance, come say hello.

We will also be in New Orleans this January for the North American Strawberry Growers Association's annual convention.  If you have not been involved with NASGA before we encourage you to find out more about them at www.nasga.org or contact us for a membership application.

As always, thank you for trusting us with your strawberry and asparagus plant needs.


Bill Krohne

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