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2014 Garden Specials

Save and Cover the Season!

We have assembled bundles of the best tasting and freezing Strawberry varieties available today. We chose our varieties for these bundles for their disease resistance, which makes them easier to grow organically.

Included in each bundle are early, mid and late ripening varieties will help to extend your berry growing season.

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Greetings from Southwest Michigan

As we present our newest catalog and price list we wish to thank all of you for your past business and welcome those who may be trying us for the first time.

We are happy to have two new varieties for trial in 2014. The first new variety is called Flavorfest released by the USDA Agricultural Research Service at Beltsville, Maryland. This variety appears well suited for the Eastern and Midwest growing regions. Fruit is an extra large mid season berry with exceptional flavor. Although post harvest quality is not particularly strong it could be a great berry for u-pick and fresh market sales. Plants are somewhat limited.

Our other new variety is from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and is named Rubicon. This strawberry appears to have very high tolerance for both Black Vine Weevil and Black Root Rot. The fruit of Rubicon is a medium sized uniform fruit that although somewhat soft, has a gourmet quality balance of sweetness, acidity, and aroma. Plants are somewhat susceptible to leaf spot, and are limited to 100 plants per order.

Everbearing varieties will be in shorter supply this year than in last years due to a later planting date. Please call to discuss your plant needs as we may be working with an outside supplier. Again we hope you have a good growing season and thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Thanks Again,
Bill Krohne

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